blister sealingblister sealing

Blister Sealing

Blister Sealing
MINPACK offers Blister Seal packaging with thermoformed PVC, PET, or RPET blister shells. The blister shells are then heat sealed to a printed display card designed to hang on a peg. Blister Seal packaging is an appealing, secure, and cost effective method to display products in a retail environment.
Trap Seal Blister
MINPACK offers Trapped Blister packaging for applications requiring the security of a sealed clamshell while minimizing the amount of plastic used.  The thermoformed blister is trapped between the front and backside of a folded display card providing a rigid and secure package.  Trapped Blister packaging is often used for displaying multiple products on one display card.

Clamshell Packaging
MINPACK offers Clamshell packaging for applications requiring re-closable or re-sealable packaging.  The clamshell design includes an insert display card with optional hanger hole for display in a retail environment.  In this design, the insert display card is trapped in the clamshell eliminating the need for more costly thermal adhesive coatings.
MINPACK offers eco-friendly packaging solutions as outlined in the Sustainable Resource Initiative.  This paperboard is renewable, recyclable, and botanical inks are used.  Recycled PET shells are available along with aqueous coated blister cards.